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Credit Card Equipment
Retriever Hawaii offers credit card equipment to clients the following ways:
  • Outright purchase the equipment
  • Lease the equipment for 48 months, paying monthly (it's a tax write off!)
We offer several solutions in credit card equipment. Not sure which equipment you need?  Click here to let us show you what we recommend specifically for your business. Depending on your business type and operation, you may be searching for:

Retail Terminals - for merchants of all kinds
Wireless Terminals - for merchants who are very mobile, and need credit card processing away from a phone line
Check Imagers - for merchants with high or low average ticket sales, the check imagers verify the account funds immediately
PinPads - offer a greater array of payment options for your customers by offering debit/ATM features through a pinpad
PayPass - allows quick check out for your customers without handling their credit card!

Contact us and we will help you and your specific business!

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