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Not sure of what type of equipment you need? 

Verifone Vx510

The Verifone Vx510 terminal is the ideal choice for retail merchants who really know what they want in business. This small terminal will save counter space and comes ready to “plug and play”. Handy features like it’s clam shell printer that allows easy drop in paper loading virtually eliminating paper jams, large backlit display, easy to read menu prompts and intuitive ATM-style interface make the Vx510 the perfect easy to use credit card terminal.



ViVOpay 4500m

The ViVOpay 4500m contactless and magnetic stripe payment device provides merchants with an easy to use application for all payment transactions. This system will allow your customers to swipe or tap their own cards, significantly reducing the chances of card skimming or stolen identities! Customers can tap their contactless cards, key fobs, and NFC mobile phones or swipe their magnetic-stripe cards to make a payment. The data is transmitted and an authorization is made instantly! ViVOpay is quickly becoming the terminal of the future, today!

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          Verifone 1000SE PIN-Pad

             Customers want choices, give them the freedom to choose how they want                        to pay with thier debit cards while you save money by using a Pin-Pad with                        your merchant account. When you accept a debit card for payment with a                        pin number, you pay only the transaction fee, no matter how small or large                        the sale is. 

           Nurit 2085

         The Nurit 2085 credit card terminal is one of the most popular in the                    industry today. This terminal is fast, efficient, and can be customized to              your liking. The Nurit 2085 provides you with a low-cost, easy to use                  credit card terminal that can hold multiple merchant accounts. This                      compact terminal is the perfect fit for small and medium sized retail                      businesses. 


  Hypercom T7Plus

 The Hypercom T7P is designed for merchants who need a compact, reliable    countertop credit card terminal that delivers fast, online authorizations.    The T7Plus allows simple drop-and-load paper, and supports longer paper    rolls to reduce paper replacement. Among it’s many features, the Hypercom  T7Plus is customizable and will even allow for bi-lingual screen displays.


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