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4 Access:  The All in One Terminal


The 4 Access terminal is perfect for merchant who want it all! This terminal allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check payments. Its unique recognition technology gives you the most accurate and high quality check read possible.

Tired of receiving bounced checks? With the 4-Access terminal and Retriever’s own check program, every check accepted through the 
                                  terminal is 100% guaranteed!                       


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                                  electronic check payments


    RDM Check Imager

    No more going to the bank to deposit checks! Never incur another bounced check! With the RDM check imager and Retriever Check program all checks are 100% guaranteed. After imaging and authorizing the check, Retriever will deposit the full amount into your bank account.

    Customers love check imaging too! Just like traditional paper checks, check writers still have a “float” time before funds are removed from their account.

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